Thursday , October 1st 2020
    The Softest Yarns

V Neck Cashmere Sweaters

If you're looking for a versatile wardrobe item that is luxurious and versatile, consider V neck cashmere sweaters. The V neck is flattering to all women, no matter what size they are. If you are petite and have a small bust, the necklin... Read more

A Bit about Cashmere

Cashmere began as the Fabric of Kings. However, this incredibly soft fiber transcends all groups of people and is available in many styles and garments from classic sweaters to casual socks. Fashion designers are largely responsible for ... Read more

Cashmere Sweaters for Men

Cashmere sweaters are known as the king of the sweaters for men. They are considered to be very desirable as well as fashionable. A symbol of very high social status because desi... Read more

Cashmere Cable Sweaters and Turtlenecks

Cashmere is a fine fabric that comes from cashmere producing goats found in countries like China, Scotland and even the United States. These goats only produce the cashmere in the early spring which is when it is harvested. No harm comes... Read more

Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Cashmere

Luxury, softness, and authenticity. Cashmere is the ultimate mark of refinement, as it has been for hundreds of years.  There are documents from as far back as 300 years B.C. that refer to it.  Yet it was not until the 15th century that a real cashmere industry developed.... Read more