Tuesday , February 25th 2020
    The Softest Yarns

Cashmere – The Luxury is in the Detail

Cashmere is one of the finest and highest quality woolen fabrics in the world. Its wearing comfort is unique: Flowing-soft, Cashmere flatters the skin, keeps you warm, and stays true to its perfect condition for years to come. Whether a sweater, blanket, or scarf – who wears Cashmere, shows a sense of quality and expects consistency.

Ensuring the purity and longevity of our cashmere products requires expert knowledge and continuous quality controls. Such as these:

  • Upon delivery of the raw material, samples are taken from each batch to ensure that no foreign wool varieties were added.
  • After cleaning, a microscopic analysis of the Cashmere takes place, fiber length, and thickness are documented.
  • The strength of the thread is continuously checked for uniformity during spinning. In addition, a stress test shows that the required strength has been achieved.
  • Samples are taken from the finished yarn and re-examined at the German wool research institute in Aachen.
  • The finished cashmere product is checked for irregularities and, if necessary, repaired by hand.
  • As soon as the goods are ready for delivery, our quality assurance carries out the final acceptance.

Cashmere, the gentle gold

cashmere fiber before spinningEspecially sought after are the fine-soft fibers of goats, which are native to the Alashan desert of Inner Mongolia. Anyone who was able to set foot in this harsh landscape of sand, salt lakes and climate extremes, understands why. To survive the harsh winter with temperatures of up to -40 ° C, the animals develop a particularly dense and long undercoat. In the spring, when the natural change of coat begins, shepherds gather their flocks together and comb out the goat’s fine fibers by hand – and receive the gentle gold that the Chinese call their Cashmere.

A goat delivers up to 300 g of wool, from which about 150 g of raw Cashmere is obtained. In its natural state, the natural substance feels much firmer. Nevertheless, it is conceivable what pleasant qualities he is able to develop. Because the longer the fiber is, the higher quality and more resistant the thread that is spun out of it. This, of course, benefits the end product.

Take, for example, a cashmere sweater: even if it has been worn many winters, its structure remains in perfect condition. No pilling effect affects its appearance.