Thursday , January 23rd 2020
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Cashmere gloves – warm hands, while looking fabulous

They say hands betray one`s character. Therefore, it is only obvious that we need to make sure our hands look at their best. Now, with the cold season back again, all we need is a pair of cashmere gloves to look fabulous.

Not many people are fond of gloves. Most of them believe gloves make their hands look unpleasantly big. Also, there is the comfort issue. Gloves don`t usually allow you to hold or move objects the way you`d normally do, slowing you down. But that only happens when you choose the wrong type of gloves.

Most of the times, people don`t pay much attention when buying gloves. The only criteria they think of are color and thickness. Matching your gloves with your coat or hat is very important, just like the warmth factor, especially in the cold season. However, people seem to disregard an important aspect: the fabric. In fact, the fabric is the most important factor you need to consider when buying gloves, for a series of reasons.

First of all, choosing the right fabric can give you the mobility that thick, woolly gloves or rigid leather gloves cannot.
Second of all, there are fabrics that are softer and more comfortable, that don`t scratch or irritate the skin and don`t produce any allergies.

And last, but not least, the aspect. There are fabrics that look smooth and beautiful for a long time, even if you wash them often or put them in your bag or inside the pockets of your coat every time you don`t need them. If you want a fabric that matches all these characteristics, then go for the pure cashmere gloves.

Cashmere is seen as a luxurious fabric mostly because of its high quality. You can find cashmere sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats and, of course, cashmere gloves. Because of the nature of this fabric, cashmere gloves are unusually soft and smooth, two characteristics that can only lead to major advantages: they are as comfortable as you can image, they keep you warm during the cold season and they don`t irritate the skin or produce itchy sensations.

More to that, they give a note of elegance and chic to any outfit. Remember Audrey Hepburn? She always wore cashmere gloves as a statement of elegance. Therefore, if you have to wear office clothing at your work place, you can complete your outfit with a pair of cashmere gloves, either in a dark color, like black, grey or marine blue, for a touch of elegance, or in a bright color, like red, orange or turquoise, to spice up the conformity of your clothes.

Remember to always match your gloves with your other accessories: hat, bag, shoes. On the other hand, if you are the adept of casual or nonconformist clothing, you can wear cashmere fingerless gloves, that will bring you the comfort and warmth you need, without having to make compromises in your style. And if you really want to escape anonymity, you can wear a cashmere glove different from the other one. You can mix colors, patterns, styles or anything else you can think of, as long as the result is pleasant for the eye.