Wednesday , October 28th 2020
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Cashmere coats for winter – are they a good choice?

There`s nothing in the world that you can compare with a cashmere coat! Simply because there is nothing that looks better than cashmere coats. If you ever go hunting for the perfect A/W coat, do check everyone you spot and try to see the difference. When you get to the cashmere jacket, you`ll know it. No matter the model, no matter the color, a cashmere coat always looks perfectly suited.

The first thing you need to know about cashmere is that it`s as comfortable as it can get. Its soft, smooth texture makes you feel good and relaxed throughout the day. It doesn`t produce any irritations or allergies so that you can wear it with a sleeveless blouse or a t-shirt underneath.

On the other hand, if it`s cold outside, you can very well wear it with a poofy sweater underneath, without worrying it will make you look like a human penguin. Practically, that`s the biggest issue when it comes to coats. They`re usually made of a thick, stiff fabric that doesn`t allow you to wear anything you`d like underneath. If you wear a light blouse or a t-shirt, the coat will look two sizes bigger and will misshape your body. If you wear a thick sweater, the coat will make you look plump and rigid. With cashmere coats, that doesn`t happen.

Cashmere is the kind of fabric that is flexible enough to take the shape of your body whatever you might be wearing. However, despite the fact that it takes the shape of your body, it doesn`t point out your physical imperfections, like elastic fabrics usually do. Cashmere is seen as a very high-quality fabric, so you can only expect the best of a cashmere coat. It is also more expensive than a regular coat on the market, but you have guaranteed quality, meaning you won`t have to worry, that you`ll have to do some extra sewing for safety matters, that it will look fade as soon as you`ve washed it or that you`ll have to go searching for the next perfect A/W coat in two years` time.

Next thing that you need to know about cashmere clothing, generally speaking, and cashmere coats, in particular, is that you can wear them in broad daylight and during a soiree, without looking either too common or too sophisticated. It`s a fabric that goes well with both elegant clothing and casual outfits, as it is simple, though precious. If you need a neutral, simple but elegant coat to go well both at a business lunch and at a family dinner, then there is no better choice than the beautiful, soft cashmere coat, that makes gets you noticed discreetly. And you can always accessorize with cashmere gloves or maybe a nice cashmere scarf.

A cashmere winter coat can do two great things for you: it can give you a note of chic when your outfit can easily be mixed up with everyone else`s, or it can temper an outfit that`s too nonconformist or too casual and needs a touch of elegance.